SoulCycle Review!

Last week I got the chance to try out a SoulCycle class!! I love spinning and have mostly done only spinning in my gym.

SoulCycle is one of the spin studios with locations throughout the city. They have an AMAZING reputation for having the best music choices, amazing instructors and unbelievable energy in the classes.  

The only reason I have not been to SoulCycle earlier is due to the high price tag for a class. Since I am unemployed I find it hard to justify the cost of the spin classes when my gym membership already includes free spin classes. But (as my boyfriend will verify) it has been on my wish list for well over a year!

I managed to score a chance to ride for free and I just could not resist it!! I was full of nerves and apprehension about the class. There are a large number of extremely fit people in the spin classes that I take at the gym and had heard rumors that this was much more obvious at SoulCycle. I have a lot of concern over the extra pounds I have and how it looks to be chubby and attempting to keep up in the class. But that is my own issue and not something that I felt like the instructor or the staff felt at SoulCycle.

I nervously packed up my gym bag and hopped onto the train! I entered the gorgeous space of a studio on the Upper East Side and anxiously asked if my spin shoes were compatible. I was happy to hear that they were! SoulCycle requires you to wear clip-in shoes on their bikes. Note: I normally wear my spin shoes even in the gym spin bikes. They make it easier to pedal as the wheels are moved with more muscles. This makes long rides much more sustainable. 

I am so very glad that I did. The class was a LOT of fun but also definitely a challenge. I know I did not pedal as fast as some of the other people or turn up the resistance as high as others did. But I did push myself hard for myself and turned up the resistance to levels that were honestly challenging.

One of the main distinctions between this and garden variety spin classes at the gym is all of the extra stuff you do during the class. The class includes push-ups on the bike. This was a difficult move for me as I am just tall enough to ride the bikes that SoulCycle offers. But it felt good to work my arms a bit.

The class also featured two pound weights which we grabbed and used for a part of the class. The weights easily store under the saddle area on the bike, which is great! They might be light but they caused a serious burn!! (Oh and the pedaling continued during weight section for arms!).

During this section, I was having a bit of trouble keeping up. This made me feel frustrated. I was pleasantly shocked when the instructor came over to ask how I was doing. I told her I was hanging in. She told me I was fantastic. This was just what I needed to hear! I have never had an instructor tell me that I was doing fantastic! It was a great confidence boost!

The class was fantastic overall. I can see why it is one of the things that people go crazy for in this great city! If my budget could support it, I would be there a LOT! I think this could be an amazing workout and a great chance to make your workout something you never want to miss!! What is there to not love about a workout that includes black lights, disco balls, amazing tunes and a puddle of sweat under the equipment?!




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