CSA and Sweat

So I want to talk a little bit about the idea of a CSA (community sourced agriculture). These are popping up all throughout the city and are a way to get access to fruits and vegetables from local and organic farms. There are different ways to do this. Some make you buy a share in the agriculture. Others (although this harder to find) go week-to-week. 

So I was hanging out at the hub for the CSA I get my produce bags of weekly goodness from and could not help but to snap some pictures of these lovelies. 


Don’t they make you want to lick the screen? 

Or how about the carefully packaged in individual bags mint?


It makes me excited to be cooking more and filling my body with food that I know came out of the ground the old fashioned way! I am not one to get overly excited about where my food comes from but it is nice when possible to contribute to small batch farming done the traditional way. 


And than this morning I finally rekindled my love affair with the spin bike. I am in a constant love-hate relationship with the gym. The one activity I actually really enjoy is spinning. It makes me so happy. Lately, I have not been on the bike or in the gym. Life has gotten in the way. But it was so good to change that today. 


I also love the clip-in cycling shoes! I have had them for almost as long as I have been spinning. (It was a GREAT sale!) And they make a huge difference. 




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