Puglia with Friends!


Last night I was lucky enough to go to one of my favorite restaurants in the world, Puglia. It is located in the always chaotic and always lovely Little Italy/Chinatown area of Manhattan.

I was alerted to this place’s existence by a dear friend (and food blogger!!!). His specialty is focusing on places which are honoring old-school traditions. This restaurant in particular, makes use of many homemade items (cheese, sausages, sauce, and WINE). The food always tastes like exactly what I can imagine an elderly Italian grandmother making for Sunday dinner. The restaurant has been in the hands of the same family for decades and are honoring old-school traditions.

Since it is too good to not photograph, here is a sampling of the food the table ordered. I have never had something not delicious and ridiculously fresh here!

We had a tray of spicy calamari brought out to our table!


And baked clams!

baked clams

If you are truly to enjoy a classic Italian meal, you can not skip the house-made red wine!

homemade wine

And the entrees were delicious as well!! It was absolutely necessary to have a few bites of everything on the table!


Chicken parm!

Pizza with prosciutto , fresh basil and fresh mozzarella !!!

Our dessert tray

And of course, tiramisu

I do not believe any Italian meal is complete without tiramisu (it is what happens when you don’t like cheesecake). And this tiramisu was absolutely delicious!!



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