Come On Irene!!

First I want to apologize for the infrequent blogging lately- been confronted with some really crappy stuff in my family lately but not sharing anything more than that.


So yesterday I was working on the Upper West Side and was a little shocked by just how panicked everyone in Manhattan seemed to be about the incoming hurricane. There were huge lines to get into the Fairway and the Trader Joes. Everyone had plastic bins, grocery store (and liquor store) bags in their hands. There certainly seemed to be plenty of feelings of having fun during the storm and I can not say I blame people.

I read on Twitter reports of stores being out of many necessities. I spoke to many people walking by on the street who reported that they could not find batteries or bottled water anywhere. Camping stores were a CRAZY scene with people wanting water gear, lanterns, candles, camp stoves etc.

People were seriously panicked by the storm. I have not seen this much panic over something in a while!! And usually NYers are so calm. I saw quite a few who acted like it was seriously judgment day combined with the zombie apocalypse.

I would in all likelihood be much more panicked if it wasn’t for how incredibly calm my boyfriend seems to be. He is such a good influence on me.

When I got home on Friday, we did some preparations. I picked up all my school books and varied paperwork and put it into a spare bin we had. I took everything off the bottom row of cubes in our cubicle organizer. I filled up all the water bottles we had with water and put them in the fridge.

pre hurricane stuff 027

Yes, there are linens on the bottom but we are putting them on the futon we will be sleeping on in a few hours. And yes I might own a monkey covered snuggie!

Some of the most important stuff I did last night? I made four quarts of cold-brewed coffee. Due to shortage in the number of pitchers, one of the two quart re-purposed bottles has not been filtered yet but I do not need power to do that. The boyfriend might have mocked me but I figure he does not want to deal with me without caffeine at all!! So it was really done only because I am a humanitarian and I care about him about having the best possible times.

There is a box half a box of wine in the fridge. There is plenty of peanut butter and yummy granola bars. There is plenty not enough beer. I also have cheese and crackers. I also have Greek yogurt. I have the stuff to make oatmeal if we need too. I think we will be okay.

Even if we lose power, we will be able to use our stove so I have plenty of stuff to cook. (Yay for not having an electric stove!!!)

This morning was a bit more prep. My boyfriend made blueberry pancakes and I drizzled raw local honey on them. It was quite delicious. Also for breakfast was some bacon!!


pre hurricane stuff 007

We packed emergency bags. We know where we are going if we need to. We picked up ice (had to buy more expensive ice because we waited but oh well). We filled up the bathtub with water to use in the toilet just in case.

The biggest concern I have is flooding. We have an adorable basement apartment. I normally love it but it is making me the tiniest bit uneasy. We have small windows and they have those cute lines on them so I am not too worried about them breaking.

What we JUST did and maybe should have done sooner is sandbags. We went outside to see the storm and the neighbors had made makeshift sandbags with garbage bags and linens/towels. We went back inside and immediately did the same thing! I am not the proudest of them but they are pretty darn good for what they are. I do hope some of the stuff in them is salvageable though. But I figure worse case- couple times in the washing machine will cure them!!

pre hurricane stuff 030


I made homemade mac-n-cheese for dinner even though it was a hodgepodge of things since I did not have all the ingredients for any one recipe I found. Recipe will come maybe Monday. It was unbelievably yummy though!!

I also have charged my Nook, my digital camera, my iPod,  am obsessively charging my phone. I just panicked because the netbook is not charged but I figure I still have time to charge it.


Are you anywhere where Irene will be visiting? How do you feel about your prep for it? Are you worried, indifferent or convinced it is judgment day?   Have you been in a hurricane before?


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