Sunday Opinions

So there was a discussion on Twitter today that got me thinking a bit. The participants in the discussion included @laughsweatagain ( that would be me!!), @katieRUNSthis , @tlysvan  , and  @AllThingsGwen.

The discussion involved around was Sunday the end of the week or the beginning of the week. I view Sunday as a combination of the two. Sunday means I have to start thinking about the coming week. What am I making for dinner? What night will the man and I have a nice dinner/movie in date night? Do I have enough food for the week? Is there enough clean clothes to get through the week?

I need to start thinking about these things so I feel prepared for the coming week. I review my calendar and start to think of what days would be good for cooking, what days are good for gym/yoga. I also add anything to my calendar that had not made it into it previously.

I also try to make sure that the man and I have some chill alone time together to unwind from the previous week. This allows us to reconnect since we are both rather busy during the week and have very different schedules so when I want to cuddle, he wants to play video games etc.

I am very happy to have a productive Sunday morning and than a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I like it when we are both off on Sunday and can share the day and the chores and relaxing! It makes things so much nicer together! (I have a  nonstandard hours job and the man will take overtime on the weekend if it is available).

Today is a weird Sunday since the weather prevented me from doing laundry in the morning. But it did involve a quick trip to the grocery store, breakfast cooked by the man, some light cleaning up in the apartment and now we are on the way to a housewarming party for a friend!! I have not seen some of the people at the party since I left my previous job so I am excited to see people today!!


So how about you? Do you view Sunday as a day of rest or as a day to prep the week ahead?


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