Learning a Lesson

So I have talked a great deal about how much daily stretching and foam rolling has helped me recover so much of my strength and flexibility etc. However, lately I have fallen off the wagon. It is not pleasant. My legs (especially my calves) are super tight from all the walking I have been doing for the new job. It is not pretty.

I know I should foam roll more. I just don’t. It is because I forget. My legs are doing 100x better than they ever have in the past year or so and I take this for granted. I am almost glad they are getting tight. It is a gentle reminder to me.

In January, walking two blocks to my grocery store was a big deal. It took forever and ever. I did not stretch and had not found a foam roller at that point. Last weekend I spent SIX hours walking around Central Park and Riverside Park for work. I covered a LOT of ground. It was incredibly rewarding and I got to see things I had never seen.

My knee and my legs have been being good to me. It is time I remember I need to be good to them. I want them to keep getting better. I want to run that half marathon one day. I WILL run that half marathon one day. But only if I start remembering that my knee and leg does need to be babied. It is not made of titanium. It is fragile yet remarkably strong. It has done a lot for me. It is time for me to be a good partner to it and treat it better than I have been in the past few weeks.

With that said, off to foam roll!!!


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