Moose Tooth Grill (Lake George, NY)

Ok so here is the review I promised last week about the pub/brewery we tried in Lake George Village while on vacation last week. It is the sister restaurant to the Adirondack Brewery in Lake George. This restaurant is much more centrally located in town. It also has a different feel (from what I remembered- I was last at Adirondack Brewery a number of years ago).

The recommendation to try the place out came from my mom of all people (she does have good taste though, except she doesn’t eat all the things I do). I tell people who think I am a picky eater they should meet her! But either way she is always right on when it comes to things like that.

I had been told it was an interactive restaurant and had lots to see and experience. And that the beer was good and so was the burger! That is enough to get me to try something.

And since my man is the sweetest person ever- he completely agreed to take me! He is not such a fan of beer tasting and pubs as I am but he loves meat so the burger might have helped to sway him.

When we walked in there was a lot of stuff hanging on the walls. They had a giant animal head and they had branches and lights. All sorts of stuff!! It was pretty interesting. It did feel touristy but I love touristy things.

Lake George 2011 095

This was the view right above our table! I loved it! Christmas lights!! Fake scenery!

Lake George 2011 096

The view across the table! I love how outdoorsy it is!!

Lake George 2011 110

Look at the squirrel!! He is watching you!!!

Lake George 2011 106

Hi friend!! The restaurant also played a soundtrack of nature noises. They would play thunder noises and the lights would flash and flicker. They had animal noises too!! I loved it!! But again I am a sucker for things like that!!

Plus they have their own brewery too!! I of course had to go with a beer sampler!!!

Lake George 2011 103

Doesn’t that look like happiness ? The dark brown one on the right is actually not beer. They had a special home-brewed root beer and you could get it in the sampler. I had to get it as one of the choices because I knew that guy would love to have it! And he wasn’t ordering it since there were no refills.

The beer was great! The one thing I was a little disappointed in was the Brewer’s Pick. I like light to medium beers and only ever order that. So when I saw the option for a “let them pick for you” I went for it! I was hoping that they would pick something a little different than my standard picks on the card! They had about ten choices and the sampler let you try six. But I got another light beer. It was not the worse thing to happen and I can see why they did that. I loved the lil cherry in the cherry wheat beer! It was such a great choice!! And with beer with names like “Dirty Blonde” and  “bear Naked Ale” what is there to not love??!!


Lake George 2011 109

That was lunch it was a crispy chicken burger with mozzarella cheese! I had my heart sent on a bacon cheeseburger but was disappointed when I found out they served the burgers only on the medium-well done side of the spectrum. I only eat red meat in the rare-medium rare range. So I decided to settle on the chicken burger. I do not remember the sauce on it but the burger was delicious!! The chicken was not dry and it was crispy on the outside and soft inside. The cheese (I had expected sliced and melted not crumbled on top) melted as I put the sandwich together. The pickles were great on it too!! I love pickles!! And French fries!! The French fries were bottomless. The old me would have had to get at LEAST one refill. The new me? I only ate the fries that came with it. No asking for more. No ordering the fries done extreme with cheese and bacon on them- just plain how they came. I did put salt on them but I am celebrating every victory. And that was a victory. (Plus another victory that day, had half a bagel, some fruit and a chobani for breakfast- I knew we were going to be walking around a lot!!)

All in all, it was a great meal! I enjoyed it! And I would go back!


Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for the post. It was my idea to go there. We paid for all of our food. And all opinions are mine.


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