Cupcakes for Mikey!!

I love cupcakes!! And the proof is in my waistline but the BEST BEST cupcakes ever come from Robicellis in NYC! They are a husband and wife team who make super fancy and innovative cupcakes that get delivered to stores in NYC with their base and store in Brooklyn.

I have met them at fairs and events were they are selling the cupcakes and they are wonderful people. But one of the things that makes them so great is their sense of community and outrage at injustices. While normally I just read their Tumblr to see what cupcakes I can beg the man to get me, this week I found something much much more important.

They featured an adorable child named Mikey. He has cancer and the doctors have not been able to figure out a way to cure it or what is causing the tumors. There was a fundraiser for Mikey and St. Baldricks. A woman at the fundraiser- stole the money being raised and the stuffed animals they were selling to raise money. This was just heartbreaking. I have watched people in my family battle cancer and it was (thankfully) never a child. I can not imagine what possesses someone to do something like this. But that someone would steal from sick children is reprehensible.

However, their outrage and their network of outraged NYC food artisans is doing something about it! There are quite a few people offering discounts and portions of the sales from their goods going to benefit St. Baldricks. St. Baldricks helps groups and communities raise money for cancer victims and their families as well as for research. They have been behind the head shaving for charity drives that have slowly become more popular. My first introduction was a number of years ago when my dad and my lil brother both raised money and got their heads shaved! Let me tell you, I was proud that my brother (Who was around 15 years old) thought this was important enough to be involved in.

Please check out Robicellis tumblr and (link below) to help find out what you can do!! Please support these great small businesses who are putting their money where their mouth is and standing up for a great cause!


One thought on “Cupcakes for Mikey!!

  1. That is so awesome – I love it when people can get together and think about the bigger picture — think about giving to someone who they may not even have any connection to. I can’t imagine how somebody could steal from a sick child … however, the way people have come together to respond to such a travesty gives some hope for humanity.

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