Lake George for the Win!!!

So I have been quiet and I am sorry for that. I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!

First up was Wednesday afternoon I had my first day at work!! YAY!! And than I rushed home to get to bed early because we were going to Lake George for two days!!

Some back story: My family has been going to Lake George for about ten years now. This year I was convinced I would not get to see it since schedules and such did not work out for me joining them there for a variety of causes. It is just about my favorite place ever! I love it. It is peaceful, gorgeous and has a LOT to do. Plus it is just the most quaint place to stroll through the village’s main street.

Well, the man got an email notifying him it was Hero’s Week at the Great Escape. It is the Six Flags park that is up by Lake George. Since we both are Emergency Medical Technicians we would get free admission into park. Plus he had a lot of points to use so we could get a room for free!! It lined up incredibly!! Well when I found out that we were going, I might have jumped up and down and SQUEED!!!! (Okay so I did just that!)

We woke up nice and early on Thursday to spend the day at the park and make it up there not too late. Our goal was to do the whole park in one day. Well that was at least my goal since I wanted to spend the day wandering the village on Friday!!

The park was much smaller than we had expected it to be. We easily got almost all the park done and with the exception of one ride- went on everything we had wanted to. We even went on some rides twice.

When the park closed, it was time to rush to the hotel, change and run back out. There is a fireworks display every Thursday night. I could not wait to watch the lights over the lake. It sounded like a perfect night to me!!

My camera was not quite fully charged at that point so the pictures did not last through the show.

Lake George 2011 015

So that is one firework picture. I attempted taking more pictures with people in them but they came out bad enough I will not post them.

Lake George 2011 034

This is a road down the side of the lake. Next year I want to run here! I packed running gear but it was not happening. There was plenty of walking and such already and my knee was holding up but I felt running would be pushing it. I did sport sexy KT tape on it at the park and while working around town. (NOT a fan but will review later).

Lake George 2011 031


Welcome? From teddy bears who want to be stuffed and loved and taken home- sure thing!! The man vetoed me bringing one home with us though- so sad!

Lake George 2011 045

The BEST ice cream in the WORLD!!! It is called FlavorBurst. It is vanilla soft-serve and those pinkish-red stripes on the edge are bursts of flavor!! This one is red raspberry! Seriously? Why can this not come to NYC!!! NYC has everything else!!!

Lake George 2011 070

The boat is mad!!! He sees you!!!

Lake George 2011 082

Paddleboat that gives a tour of the lake ! I went on it years ago and loved it but did not do it this year.

Lake George 2011 075

Look at how clear the water is here!! It makes me want to just dive right in!!

Lake George 2011 086

Why yes, you can get a parking ticket for not putting money in the meter for your BOAT!! Seriously, how vacation-y is this?? I love it!

Lake George 2011 090

I love this view!!!

Lake George 2011 093

Please can I stay right here??!!!


This is a good little overview! I also had a great meal at the Moose Tooth Grill which I want to give it attention in its own post.


While we did get a lot for free this trip, it was nothing that was not widely available. It was nothing that I received as a tip/freebie/etc in exchange for these thoughts. The free admission to the park was open to all EMTs, fire-fighters, police officers etc.


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