Gorgeous Day!!

So I had work today and it involved five hours of being outside walking around the city! It was gorgeous today in NYC!

I have never spent any real time in Central Park. The last time I was in Central Park I believe was to see the Gates display. I think that was what it was called. The big orange curtain-like things that were installed in the park- does someone know what I am talking about??

Today I got to spend an hour walking around the park- it was gorgeous! I want to see so much more of it and just soak it all up!! That could make me wish I lived in Manhattan so I could get there more frequently. I am almost rather tempted to check online to see just how far I walked today- it would be nice to have an idea!

Something I learned- I did not eat properly or guess how much water I needed for the day correctly at all. I am so grateful that I keep Quaker bars in my bag- they were much needed today!! I think if I am working regularly I might want to keep Larabars or some home-made equivalent around! The day I moved in with the boyfriend all I had was breakfast before the heavy lifting started and it was only something small and light. Than I had a larabar a few hours into heavy lifting and moving and was shocked at how long it left me full for.

Also I have to admit- some NYers are really rather friendly!! Especially the ones I ran into giving out free gelato samples by the 72nd Street subway station today!!!

I wish I had brought my camera with me but I unfortunately did not which made me sad when I saw just how gorgeous the tiny sliver of the park is and how much the area I was in has changed from when I used to be there more often!


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