Say It, Do It (and Checking Last Week)

So this week I hope to do better with the workouts than last time. I had some sanfus and this week was crazy one (deserving of its own post).

So last week goals:

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Yoga (and repeat of day one of couch to 5k and weights)
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Yoga And Weights
Friday: Couch to 5k day 2 and Weights
Saturday: OFF

Last week in actuality:

I did yoga on Tuesday and Thursday. And I stretched and foam rolled at home everyday. I attempted to go to the gym twice but I was unable to because it is the boyfriend’s membership and he was not up to the gym after a full-day of work. I completely understand that since he has a rough job.



Monday: Gym Couch to 5k day one attempt two

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Gym (elliptical and weights)

Thursday: OFF (amusement park)

Friday: OFF (amusement park)

Saturday: TBD either City Streets stuff or Gym

I hope to be better off this week since tomorrow I am planning on joining gym since they said they would be having their one price for the year sale! So hopefully!!!


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