Some Quick Updates!

So last night I got some amazing news! I am now once again employed!! It is an opportunity I am really excited about!! This week is shaping up to be full of great things!! But in other news…

I went to another Yoga to the People class today. I noticed some distinct differences between today and the class on Tuesday. The first is that the teacher closed the windows which meant that there was no nice cooling breeze in the studio. There were a lot of the same moves in this class. These classes seem to love downward dog a little more than I do. Today, I also brought a towel from home. I wanted to put it on the mat and figured it would be a cheap alternative to a real yoga towel. I was unimpressed with how it turned out. Tomorrow I will probably be looking into some places for a cheap yoga towel. And this is not even a hot yoga class. I just knew I was a sweaty mess last time and wanted to try to combat that today.

Also my little brother comes home Saturday!! Seriously excited about this!!

Tomorrow I have plans to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with friends. I LOVE museums (remember I am kinda nerdy- I also love spreadsheets, To-Do lists and organizing). I am seriously looking forward to a few good pieces of art and enjoying myself.

I think that will be it for today. Talk to you tomorrow!!!


2 thoughts on “Some Quick Updates!

  1. I never knew there was such a thing as a yoga towel! I’ll have to check that out. The Yoga for the People classes sound intense!
    Have a great time at the museum. I love all of NY museums! Enjoy 🙂

    • I have seen them reviewed online and featured in some blogs but I have not been able to get one yet. But if I keep going to these classes I might need some!! I love the museums too!! It is such a nice way to spend the day!!!

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