Yoga to the People

So today, other plans prevented me from going to the free yoga in Bryant Park that lululemon hosts on Tuesday mornings. I was determined to still make yoga happen since it has been over a week since I went to a regular yoga class. I can feel that I need it back in my life.

My first thought was to use a video from Yoga Download. I ended up running into technical problems when attempting to download though. I reached out to them via Twitter and was in contact via email with their tech department rather quickly. However, it still has not been resolved.

The next thought that occurred to me was to try the Yoga to the People studio downtown. I had heard mixed reviews about YTTP. I read that it was overly crowded, the teachers were inattentive and the studio too hot. However, the class is donation based. The suggested donation is $10. But they encourage you to make whatever donation you feel you can afford. That sold me on it.

I arrived approximately 40 minutes early for the class and there were already people waiting downstairs to be buzzed into the studio. They started to let people up to the studio around the thirty minute mark before classes. The have cubby holes in the back of class for students to leave their belongings in. I prefer to be able to lock my belongings in a locker but it wasn’t bad. The only complaint I had was that I had a large backpack and I did not realize I could leave it sitting on the bench in front of the cubbies. So I wrestled with getting it in the cubby hole.

I spent a good bit of time stretching and loosening up my legs and knee before class. There were some markers on the floor for where mats should go but I noticed them after I set up my mat. However, I seemed to have been correct with where I set it up. I picked a spot against the wall. (I should have picked a spot closer to the front and the window).

Some notes about the studio. They have three studios, each on a different floor. I was on the first one but before class began they were sending people to the studios upstairs. The changing areas were set against the wall. The only thing separating them out were some curtains. I did not like that part. There was also only one bathroom so that made for long lines after class. The studio is also HOT! The thermostat on the wall read 88. But I think it was warmer. I can only imagine how much hotter it is on the top studio. I liked the studio though. The windows were opened which let in a light breeze. The wall with the windows in it was exposed brick (which I LOVE). They rent mats and towels if you do not have one. Which I thought was a nice touch.

Now for the class. The class was not overly crowded. However, I was close to the person who was in front of me. This would not have been a problem if he had not been rather tall. Once or twice his foot was in my face. I would not recommend the class for someone who has never been to a yoga class. I felt behind at times and I have done all the poses they used in the past. It was very quick moving for a class. The teacher did very few of the poses. I like to watch the teacher do the poses with the class. They had a teacher-in-training walking around and helping with adjustments. I am continually amazed that I never get adjusted because I am rather sure I do not have the best form. The class made me sweaty!! I have not sweated that much in a long time. I loved that part of the class but there was literally sweat dripping all over the mat. (Remember this was not a hot yoga class). I think I need to get a yoga towel if I am going to consider hot yoga.

All in all, I would go back. I can not beat the price. I love sweating during yoga!! I have zero desire to try a later in the day class though. I went to the 2:00pm class. I also would bring more water. I had a bottle of ice that was frozen and that was a godsend as it melted. But more water to go into the bottle before class would have been great. It made me feel very good to be sweating and stretching out. The only downside- I do feel bad for the people stuck on the subway with me afterwards. (This location has no showers but some of their hot yoga locations do have showers).


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