Free Haircut!!! And Pizza Pub!

So today I decided to investigate a free haircut offer I had seen while wandering NYC. Dramatics on East 23rd had a sign up that said “Free haircuts Every Monday at 10:30”. So today I showed up around 10am to see what the catch was.

The “catch” is that it is a free haircut from a student studying at a beauty school. They are supervised by their instructors but also left alone a bit too. The process is that they select who they want to work on first. It is not first come, first served. So While I was the first there, I was more like the sixth person picked. Also they keep emphasizing that they want people who are open to “transformation”. Well it had been almost two years since my last haircut so I was ready for a LOT to come off.

The stylist did speak to me about what he was thinking and what he was trying to do. He checked to make sure I was okay with the plan. And than we started with the washing and cutting. It was going great until we got to the layers. The top layers gave him some confusion and he ended up cutting the rest of the hair shorter than we had discussed due to the confusion.

I have to say that I love the haircut. It is a little shorter than what I wanted but it is very impressive considering the cost. I have had many worse haircuts and paid a lot for them. My hair feels like it has much more volume and lift now. It looks 100x healthier and feels vastly improved. I had been dreading leaving my hair down or people touching it due to the horrific ends I had. They were split, cracked and just awful looking.

I left the salon after 1pm. It was a long time since the process got started shortly after 11am. But I am still happy with the results.

I was STARVING when I got done and went in search of some icky fast food because I did not want to have to spend a lot today. Well I noticed a place called the Pizza Pub and it advertised a slice and a pint for $5. That sounded great- pizza and a beer! The special was for the house beer and a cheese slice. The house beer was nice and light. It tasted watered down to me but after I left and was back to navigating the city, I felt the beer a little so maybe it was not watered down as much as I thought. The pizza was most definitely unimpressive. It was thin crust and had not enough sauce or cheese. The ingredients were not the most high-quality. However for the price I was quite happy. They also have specials such as “pie & pitcher – 24” and free cheese slices with every shot ordered. I had some work and reading with me to get done and I was not rushed at all. It was nice to sit and do some work with a meal that would have cost me the same as a Starbucks coffee.

All in all, it was a great day! I have a hiring fair to go to tomorrow at a place that should fit nicely in with the be more active version of me I am slowly trying to create! Also since it looks like the yoga in the park no longer fits my schedule I am planning on trying to make a Yoga to the People class for the first time!


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