Say It, Do It!!

So after weeks of seeing people post their “Say It, Do It” over at I was inspired to do the same and post my list of workouts for the week!

Hopefully I stick to the plan. IT is all dependent on how my knee feels and how the timing works out for gym trips with how my boyfriend feels when he gets home from work etc.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Yoga (and repeat of day one of couch to 5k and weights)
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Yoga And Weights
Friday: Couch to 5k day 2 and Weights
Saturday: OFF

I am doing the Couch to 5k program but because I am recovering from knee problems, I am hesitant. My knee has been holding up wonderfully so I am optimistic but I am also going to (for now) repeat workouts before moving onto the next one. This lets me be taking it extra slow and allowing plenty of time for my knee to adjust and respond. Hopefully it only responds positively!! I am also not playing hero and any knee pain will mean switching back to the elliptical or bike or walking only. I am so inspired by all the races and all the New York City Marathon training I am reading from different blogs that I just want to be racing already!! However, I keep reminding myself that I am still overweight and out of shape so it will take me a long time. I am okay with that. It took me years to put all the weight on and stay out of shape so it taking a long time to accomplish my goals makes sense. I am determined to run a half marathon one day. And if that is a year or two years or three years away that is fine. It will be a goal to work to! And slow and steady means actual lifestyle changes.


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