Bronx Zoo!!

So Wednesday is the pay what you want day at the Bronx Zoo. This past Wednesday a good friend was visiting so we decided to head to the zoo to see what animals were out.

It was rather crowded and we arrived within an hour of the zoo opening. The crowds made for a day with a lot of yelling, large amounts of people and some runaway children. I prefer when there are much thinner crowds of people but it was still a great day. The weather had said that it would not be too warm but it was rather plenty warm while we were at the zoo. All the walking around might have added to that sense of heat though. I inadvertently got a little bit of color while at the zoo. I had put on some sunblock (SPF 50 ) before heading out but it seemed to not have been enough.

Now on to the pics!!!


bronx zoo 004


bronx zoo 007


bronx zoo 010

bronx zoo 018

bronx zoo 100

bronx zoo 108

I know I promised pictures of animals but the zoo has a display up of different animals made out of Legos! I grew up playing with Legos all the time so it was great to see the sculptures made out of them!!

Okay, now onto pictures of animals!

bronx zoo 014

bronx zoo 028

bronx zoo 134

See the peacock hiding??

bronx zoo 063

bronx zoo 083

bronx zoo 116


See??!! Lots of interesting things going on there!! And we did not cover the whole park even!! It will be a must re-do!! I also recommend bringing your own food. That is what we did and for less than the overpriced fast food had granola bars, yogurt, raisins, veggies, fruit!! YUMS!!! Although we did have burgers and fries when we got home for dinner!! Although they were way better than what they had there!!


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