CANDY!! And Legos!!

So last week we had time to kill in the city so the boyfriend and I ended up wandering around the Toys-R-Us in Times Square. I am always impressed by the sheer size of this toy store and all of the wonderful displays.

I am including plenty of pictures and this will mostly be a picture-heavy post!!

harry potter city random 079

Transformers- had to snap a pic since the bf loves them!!

harry potter city random 081

Candy land king!! He is EVIL trying to welcome me into the world of diet fail!!!

harry potter city random 070

Can you believe this is made out of Lego?? I used to love Lego!!

harry potter city random 074

More Lego awesomeness!!

harry potter city random 083

harry potter city random 082

Look at those muscles!!!

harry potter city random 086

I didn’t ask the bf to take a picture but this box of Nerds is bigger than my head!! I want!!! Funny I suggested we get it and he said something about me being unbearable on a sugar high.  Sad smile


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