Workout Clothes and Post-Its!!

So for a while, I have been secretly coveting the lululemon clothes I see when I go to their yoga classes. I have been exercising in baggy t-shirts and a random collection of shorts. However, recently my grandmother told me I should get some new stuff to wear to the gym and gave me a little bit to buy some clothes! While the elusive lululemon is still WAY out of my price range I did manage to get two shirts that are longer and good for yoga and other activities (and an unpictured blue tank that is not long enough for yoga) as well as a pair of New Balance crops!! I have loved New Balance for over ten years and am so excited to have found this all on major sale. She additionally bought me a pair of Nike Frees. Funny story- the shoes are bright pink (pictures to come in future) and came with these BRIGHT orange laces in them. Well, she did not approve and instead made me switch them out for the included pink laces. Truth be told, I much prefer the pink laces anyways!

gym clothes n staples 004

I wore the unpictured shirt today and was rather happy with it but I can not wait to try the crops and the pink shirt- I will be sure to post pictures of me in them for you all to enjoy!!!

As part of my attempt to increase the productivity levels I experience, I also went to Staples. I picked up a legal pad, a notebook, and a lot of Post-It notes to write notes to myself and to keep a to-do list running. I have a serious obsession with office supplies. One of the things I miss most in my apartment is the lack of a desk. I long for the days when I can have a nice desk and prop my laptop up on it and have neatly organized stacks of index card and post-it notes!! Oh the simple things. Currently, I have a futon and a folding table, slightly less glamorous but it works!!

gym clothes n staples 006

Don’t they just scream lovely organization!! And motivation!

My shopping trip ended up being very long since I went with an out-of-town friend and we both took the opportunity to window shop and walk around exploring. This night also included a trip to the gym! It was not a fancy or super great trip to the gym but I am proud of it. I tried the random program setting on the elliptical and lasted for 10 minutes before my knee started to bother me. I switched to five minutes of very little resistance and than abandoned it for 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill. I finished it off with some stretching. I was at Planet Fitness and most definitely got some odd looks for busting out some yoga poses. I do not care Mr. Meathead if you have never seen it, but I swear some downward dogs and pigeon poses made my leg and knee feel much better!!

The plan for tomorrow includes the Bronx Zoo- hope the weather cooperates!!


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