Harry Potter Madness




I am sorry for the delay in posting this but life got a little crazy!
So last week was the midnight opening of Harry Potter. The man and I saw it with some friends in Imax 3d! It was awesome. I have followed the Harry Potter story for a little over a decade. I clearly remember getting a newly released book as a present at my Sweet 16 which was over 10 years ago.
We got to the theatre around 930 and were already confronted with a long line and many people in various outfits. We saw people dressed as Harry, Bellatrix, and various other characters. It wsd so odd to see so many people who were so young in line. There were many people there who were the same age I was when I first found the books. It is so scary to think about time passing like that.
I forgot my camera so line pictures from my camera phone will have to do.
The line stayed outside for maybe an hour our so and then they let people into the theatre and allowed them to line up in front of the theatre. Myself and a friend occupied ourselves by reading our nooks while be the man and the other person played alchemy on their phones.
I have to say the movie had a great mix of funny lines and touching moments which had me near tears. It was just what a, movie should have been. I don’t want to compare it to the books because the books will always hold a special place in my heart and I don’t think any movie could have matched that.


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