Wow !! I Disappeared- Sorry!

Hello, it has been a long time since my last update. It has been partly due to a vacation with the Man. We went away for the long Fourth of July weekend and it was a computer and social media free type of trip. While I was very nervous about missing all my electronics and instant access- it was actually very enjoyable!! So the few days before the trip involved lots of packing and baking. We went with friends and they are also on a budget so one friend brought a BUNCH of homemade food and I made all the sweets. One batch of peanut butter jelly cupcakes (from scratch), one batch chocolate espresso cupcakes, one batch chocolate cupcakes, and one batch of peanut butter jelly cupcakes (adulterated box recipe). The trip was wonderful. We do not have AC in the apartment so staying in a place with AC was wonderful!! We left the room at 58 degrees- very wasteful I know but it is a real luxury for us. We spent time at the trip hanging out at the pool and staying up all night talking to friends and playing Zombie Fluxx. My sleeping troubles reared their ugly head so I was left VERY tired after the trip. There might have been some days of lots of sleeping to make up for it.

Since we got back, it was hard to get back into the fitness routine (although I did do one yoga class and one trip to gym during the four days we were there- WHO AM I???) I know it might not seem like much but if a year ago you had told me I would go to the gym during vacation I would have laughed at you! Small baby steps lead to bigger and better.

Today was a return to my regularly scheduled yoga by Lululemon in Bryant Park. For those of you not in NYC- we are having a major heat wave complete with heat advisories. I had sweat dripping off me into the mat. It was totally sexy! Afterwards, I went with friends to a city pool. I have never been to a public pool before and while it was not the environment I am used to for pools- it was a VERY welcome relief from the heat in the city. I was in the pool for 90 minutes, reapplied sunblock (SPF 50 ) once and still got burned! I am very fair-skinned. When I was younger- I remember my parents covering me in sunblock and I would still have the most painful and blistered sunburns. This one is nice and mild. It is just skin turning pink on my shoulders and back- It was worth it for cool relief!!

Tomorrow a friend asked me to do a pool trip again and I think I will before heading off to see a friend’s acting class putting on free comedy shows- can not beat free comedy!!

This weekend is the Harry Potter opening and  I am not too ashamed of the geekyness to announce I am super excited to have tickets to see the midnight showing of it in Imax 3D!!! So excited!!

Also I have just made the decision to join a gym- I went to join a Planet Fitness because I got some cash unexpectedly and I wanted to use it to make healthy changes. But they would not let me prepay. However, they were nice enough to tell me that in August they would be doing a prepay special. So I will be joining them! It is not the nicest or the prettiest and is very low frills but it is something and super-easy for me to get to. So that is enough….for now!!



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