Back to the Gym!!

So after a few months away, I went back to the gym today! I have been doing yoga twice a week for a month now and supplementing that with some at-home workouts of crunches and stretching. I have also been out doing a lot of things and walking around the city.

So this gave me the confidence to consider going back to the gym today! I stretched for approximately 20 minutes prior to going there. It is a short walk to the gym. Once there it was 15 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike. I then was ambitious and moved onto the first day of the workouts in the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I read it last month and was impressed with what he had to say (review coming later) and decided to give it a go. The gym did not have a bar free (only one and it was continually being used) so I used 10 lbs dumbbells instead. It was very much a tough workout, I almost think the weight was a little ambitious and I should have tried to find 8 lbs weights. But either way, I was very proud of myself for making it through the workout.

Afterwards, it was a trip home to make some omelets for breakfast!! Mine had cheese, egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and mushrooms!! It was delicious and a much-more hearty breakfast than I normally would have.

But it hit the spot after the sweat session. Now I just have to make sure I am motivated to go to the gym when the boyfriend comes home from work. I would rather go in the morning but he is the one with the guest passes, so that is what it will have to be for now!!!


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