Computer Meltdown!!

I know I have been missing but I had a major computer meltdown that I was convinced would be the death of my computer!!  And the boyfriend is not as amused by my blogging as I am so I avoided blogging on his computer while the life-saving measures were given to mine. Luckily, the boyfriend has crazy computer skills!! I have had a BUSY week!!


Friday night was dedicated to going to say goodbye to a friend as her and her husband prepare to relocate back to New Orleans. Her family owns and runs one of the premier restaurants in the NYC metro area.  The restaurant is gorgeous!! I was set to take pics but than realized that there were rather famous people in the restaurant seated nearby and I did not want to scare them (or Secret Service!!!) into thinking that I was some crazy picture snapping psycho!! So alas, no pics. But the meal included truffle mac-n-cheese, 3 glasses red wine, and staying out until 2:30am!! (I had fully expected to be home by 1am at the latest).


Saturday night the boyfriend and  I had great plans to go into the city and hang out with some friends at a club. I was feeling off and not up to going to far from the house. So we decided to explore a local bar a few blocks away. It was nothing spectacular with a limited beer selection but we enjoyed some Sam Adams and some Blue Moon while playing Zombie Fluxx!! It turned into a perfect night!! I loved it!!


This week has had some interesting interviews and job applications coming by me! While I am applying to a wide variety of places, I have heard potentially promising feedback from two RADICALLY different jobs. But I am excited about either one of them. For a long time at my last job, I was not excited to go to work. I still went and gave my job my all because I am old-fashioned in that sense. If you are paying me to do a job, than even if it is not perfect for me- I will do the best that I can and make the best outcome for all involved. It is actually a good trait to have.


Tuesday saw the return of yoga in the park. It was again a great time. I did take a little topple. I am determined to accomplish some yoga goals before the end of the summer. I want to have REAL workout clothes. I am currently working out in T-shirts and wife beaters. I would LOVE to have sweat-wicking clothing and proper stuff. However, the unemployment means that is out of the budget still. I want to be able to do crow pose without toppling onto the ground and to get my upper-body strength up a bit. Another goal is to see an improvement in my balance. I have been going to the free yoga in the park hosted by Lululemon every week. I am now going to make that the minimum of what I do. I have heard things about Yoga Download and I know Lulu hosts free classes in the stores. So I am going to start doing two download routines at home each week in addition to the yoga in the park classes. Also working on some other goals- I will have a goal post coming shortly!!





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