Governor’s Island

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I joined two friends to head out to Governor’s Island. I had been once before for a food truck fair and did not get to see the island. The man has been there a few times and noticed they had free bike rentals for one hour on Fridays. We woke up early and trekked down to the ferry to get on the 10 am ferry. The plan was to head out, rent bikes, have a picnic lunch, walk around the island, play mini golf and than head home.

The weather was very iffy for the day. We made it through quite a bit before we decided to head home to try to beat the rain.

I rode my rented bike around the edge of the island and was struck with how rural it seems. The island is full of old houses (mostly abandoned). It provided gorgeous views of Lower Manhattan and Liberty Island. I had not rode a bike since I was in high school (10 years or so). But I managed to make it through the trip without any incidents. (A friend almost went over the fence and into the water. He was trying to show off and crashed into the fence.)

The container for the life boats on the Governor's Island Ferry.

The ferry ride over to the island- see why we were nervous about the weather??

A small selection of the bicycles available. They had a huge variety. They had tandem bicycles, adult-sized tricycles, bikes that looked like golf carts and took six people to pedal it.

Figment display. It is designed as part of a reuseable and green initiative for art.

My bicycle- for an hour at least!

Than after all that biking it was time for a picnic lunch!! We brought peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches and grilled chicken. It was much better to pack our own food because food was pricey on the island!!

We attempted to play mini golf but there was not much order to the golf course and many unsupervised children jumping up into the “fairways”. It made it rather difficult to play!

One golf station- it is made out of circuitry and all sorts of electronics!Another golf station- it showed the city as an ant farm!

It was a wonderful day!! And it was amazing to escape the hustle-bustle of the city! It is hard to believe that it was so close to the city! It is a seven minute ferry ride from the southern tip of Manhattan!


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