Temps are Going UP!!

It is getting hotter and hotter in here! I have been hiding in my apartment with no lights on and the ceiling fans going! I am not someone who likes heat. I prefer LOTS of air-conditioning and cooler weather- like the temperature of 75 degrees is perfect for me!

I went to yoga in the park yesterday in Bryant Park again. It was hosted by Lululemon. It was actually my least favorite class so far. I found that there were lots of repetitive poses that left my legs quivering and feeling a little overworked. There was one sequence that involved a lot of three-legged dogs and standing splits that I just found not good for stretching or working out either. I got a little bit of sweat worked up but didn’t feel like it was a good workout. I also did not feel like it was a good stretching session either. I was a little disappointed but I was very happy to have gotten a workout in either way!

Thursday’s class is suppossed to be in some MAJOR heat!! And I will be going straight from class to an event-planning meeting. Luckily, it is a casual thing so I hope no one minds sweaty hot mess Tara!!

The good thing about the heat is that I get to break out a lot of summer dresses and skirts for the season!! I love summer dresses and skirts!!! Plus it means my flip-flop addiction won’t get me laughed at! I love my flip-flops. I nearly cried when my boyfriend told me I had too many and asked me to stream-line my collection before moving in together since it is a small apartment!



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