Roller Derby!!!

On Saturday, the boyfriend and I joined a group of friends in going to the Gotham Girls Roller Derby match. The match featured the Queens of Pain vs the Manhattan Mayhem.

I used to be a Queens gal (for a whole year prior to moving back home and than in with the boyfriend!!) and two of our friends were Queens natives so that seemed to be the team to cheer for.

The crowd and the energy levels were unbelievable! There was so much excitement and so much competitiveness in the air. The warm-up time was a good peak at the energy and spunk the teams showed throughout the match. The whole roller derby atmosphere really embraces the “violence is okay” mentality. There were all sorts of fun names for the skaters such as Hyper Linx, Sweet Cherry Pie, Donna Matrix and others. The teams also do not have cheerleaders. They have jeerleaders. I thought that was all very unique. The refs all have great names such as Ref in Peace and the medic went by Ace Bondage. I had to notice the medic as I am an EMT and have worked at sports events in the past.

I will apologize for the pictures but I do not have a DSLR and I took the pics from up in the bleachers. With the exception of the VIP seats on the floor, all the tickets are for seats in the bleachers and it is first come, first served for seats.We got there a little over an hour prior to it starting but that was apparently not enough time to get front-row bleacher seats.


The jeerleaders - They worked together to do a great half-time show!


Swing Dancing for the half-time show!


The final score- with the victor being the team from Queens!!


It was such a wonderful time out!! I have already asked nicely begged for tickets to ALL of the matches left in the season! Including the two double-header bouts against out of town traveling teams! I sincerely hope that we actually get to go watch some more roller derby action!!




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