Holy Crowded Yoga!!

So this is the first real post I am writing for here- hope it goes well! So today is boring so far so let’s talk about yesterday! Yesterday was beautiful outside!! My plans for the day involved a few errands, dropping a resume or two off and then yoga in Bryant Park hosted by lululemon!

First up was breakfast. I skipped the now standard smoothie for a bowl of cereal with a banana sliced into it. Again I went out to the steps into my apartment to take a picture since the light is so much better outside.

Kashi Triple Berry Crumble with banana and skim Lactaid milk

I of course dragged a buddy along again. I am much happier to be doing workouts with a buddy!! Since we were there almost two hours before the class started, we sat and enjoyed the gorgeous weather from a shady table. We caught up on the comparision of Game of Thrones book vs TV series. We both had read the books years ago and are trying to remember all the little details together!

Than it was finally time to head over. We headed over later than we had the week before and immediately noticed how much farther back we had to sit. We ended up being about five rows back. As we stretched out waiting for the class to begin, we noticed there were a LOT of people there. I found out this morning when I checked the Twitter stream that there had been 491 people there! How amazing is it that so many people came out to try to get healthy together!!

My oh-so-not-cute toes!

The instructor, the Yogi Charu

This was the calmest yoga class  I have attended at Bryant Park so far. The focus was much more on stretching and meditation. While I was a little disappointed to not have worked up a sweat, I was very happy to be stretching as I was sore from the last session on Tuesday (which was QUITE the workout!). Last night’s instructor was the Yogi Charu. He had studied in the Himalayas for seven years. The instructor teaches at Pure Yoga West and East as well as helping to run their teacher training programs. This meant that he had a whole army of instructors who had just finished the Spring session who walked among the students and made adjustments as needed. It was really nice to have that added touch. The instructors walked by me a few times and never made an adjustment to me- so I am taking that as either I am either  beyond all hope or not doing too badly! It was still a great time and all the stretching really made a difference in my legs and arms.


That is about all from yesterday! Now off to actually accomplish the out of the apartment errands I need to do!!



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