>Ninth Ave Food Fair

>So last Saturday was the Ninth Ave International Food Festival. I went with a friend and the boyfriend. It was a wonderful time out. I love street fair food and this had a great variety. And since I was with friends the best part was splitting it amongst ourselves so we could try more things. One of the first things we tried was a BBQ pork sandwich. We saw a stop roasting a pig on a spit (not an everyday sight in this city) and thought it would be worth trying. I am not a big pork fan and I have to say this was delicious. This was followed by some ribs and some Kobe beef sliders. I have had Kobe beef once before and this was much more delicious than I remembered it. I was rather upset at the tiny size of it but it was okay as it was a perfect bite. The best food of the day was surprisingly a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The boyfriend wanted this the second he saw it and I wasn’t going to veto something he was so excited about. It was surprisingly delicious.

The street fair spanned Ninth Ave from 42nd St to 57th Street. We ended up walking its entire length once from 42nd to 55th (just me and the boyfriend) and than walked down to 42nd to meet up with the friend and than walked the whole thing again. It was a LOT of walking and moving about. It felt so good to be out and about in  the warmer weather and enjoying all the sights and sounds.  My knee held up wonderfully (little sore but nothing a rest break and a part of a cupcake couldn’t fix).

The day ended with Mexican food with the boyfriend’s mom! She is such a great cook!!


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