>A Quick Update and a New Home!!!


                So, it has been a long time since I posted here. I am sorry for that but there has been a lot of changes going on.
                After some disagreements and hurtful words with certain family members, the Man and I decided to move in together. There was less than a week from when we got the okay from the landlord in the new apartment (so cute!!) to when we moved in. YIKES! That certainly is a giant whirlwind if you ask me!!
                I am in love with the apartment! My previous apartment had a kitchen which was the size of a bathroom (and I have seen tiny apartment bathrooms that were bigger). The sink was the size of a bathroom sink. It had literally NO counter space. If I wanted to do anything besides throw something in a pot, I had to do the cutting/mixing/prep work in the living at the coffee table. So not conducive to cooking or baking. This new apartment has a room that serves as the kitchen/living room/ dining room (although the Man and I could not make it be all three and sacrificed the dining room aspect). But the kitchen is what I want to talk about! The stove is a real size stove. The previous one I needed to get smaller than normal cookie sheets and only one fit in the oven. Here, I can fit three cookie sheets in there without breaking a sweat. I have counter space to spare!! And the sink is a normal kitchen sink size. Oh, and so is the fridge!!  I also have more than double the cabinet space (and that is only the top cabinets). Looking at bottom cabinets it would be more than triple!!!  The bedroom is also awesome! It managed to fit our two wide dressers, my three narrow dressers, a queen bed- and we have room left over!! (Okay, not much when you add in the laundry basket! But I will take it!)
                The apartment is wonderful!! Although moving was not so fun at all!! The Man and I have decided we have zero intention of doing that anytime soon! I am actually in love with this apartment and it feels so good to have a place that is “ours”. 
                That is the quick update. I will have another one soon about the conversations and the realities of moving in with a significant other. Especially, since the Man and I did not follow just about ANY of my rules for living with a partner!! Oops!

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