>The Gym Yet Again

>So today I again went to the gym with the Man. I was determined to get another good jog in on the treadmill. However, that was not in the cards.

I skimped on the stretching before hoping on the treadmill after waiting outside in the cold for him. This was a poor idea. After about a 10 minute warm-up in which my knee felt a little tight I decided to go for a light jog. This did not help my knee. I went back to walking at a comfortable pace. After twenty minutes on the treadmill, I went  to go check out space on a mat to stretch. I was very upset to find out that there were teenage girls camped out on the mats playing with their phones. I decided to stretch my leg and knee in a quiet corner instead. After my knee started to feel better, I hoped on the elliptical to get in a little sweating. Now, in college I was first exposed to the elliptical. I saw all these skinny girls on them for an hour at a time. I decided I had to be able to handle it if they could….. I was proven wrong when I crawled off of it in five minutes. Since then I have had a real aversion to it. However, since my knee was sore, I wanted a lower impact option to get my heart rate up a bit. For having a sore knee, I was rather proud of my elliptical workout. It was less time than I spent on the treadmill but it was still impressive given how out of shape I feel. Then I went to those weight machines. I decided to skip the leg machines since my knee was hurting already.  But I still put in time on some arm and ab machines.

This taught me something important. There will be days when I do not want to go to the gym and I have always been quick to say I wasn’t up to the gym. I need to stop thinking like that and just go to the gym. Even if all I can do is walk slowly on the treadmill for twenty minutes. It is still exercise and I am still moving.

Also, the gym is planned for tomorrow as well. I hope to have a little more luck than. Although I have nothing to be ashamed of. I went to the gym and burned some calories. I also got some weight work in so I can work on getting definition and strength. 


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