>The Gym???

>So today was the first day that I went to the gym in pursuit of one of my New Year’s Resolutions. The Man got a membership to Planet fitness and can bring guests in for free. So we went to the gym together.

I noticed a couple of things right away. First, this was significantly larger than the gyms at my university and grad school (the only gyms I had ever been in before). Secondly, I actually had to give thought to bringing stuff to the gym since my home was not a less than 10 minute walk away. Thirdly, it was still intimidating and a place where I felt instantaneously out-of-place. Fourthly, as much as it claims to be a “Judgement Free Zone” I saw plenty of tiny little females running endlessly on the elliptical and well-muscled males lifting large amounts of weight.

So, I knew that I had to be careful because I did not want to over do it. My plan was to spend about half hour walking on the treadmill with a few minutes of jogging mixed in. However, after I accomplished that, the Man suggested we do some weight work. Now the weight machines are these giant things which have always intimidated me. The gym had them painted purple and yellow (which made them no less intimidating). I was VERY hesitant but somehow with his gentle (irritatingly persistent) prodding, I decided to attack these machines. I am very glad that I got to use them. I think I am a little too small height-wise for some of them so that made things interesting. And I lifted a depressingly small amount of weight. However, I tried out eight machines and did at least 10 on each one. I counted that as a success.

I have to say I am hoping to enjoy the gym eventually. I have never in my life enjoyed working out. I have never been one to go for a morning run, or for a evening stroll. I have never been able to do a complete sit-up in my entire life. I want to change that.

I know I need inspiration for this journey. The first is that I want to be healthier. I have been out-of-shape most of my life and that is not good. I will become a gym and exercise devotee this year. I have a year to catch this bug. I am confident I will.

Also I know people who I have watched go from overweight and lazy to the picture of health. An example is my younger brother. He went from always being the last to finish a race or physical activity to one of two freshmen rowing on a college varsity rowing team. (Yes, I am beyond proud of him).

I plan to go to the gym or do some other type of physical activity three times a week. I know that is not ambitious or zealous but it will be a goal that I will have to work hard to achieve.


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